More hospitals resuming care as Covid patient numbers drop; More than 31,400 new infections today

As the number of Covid-19 patients in care continues to drop and new admissions fall towards a three-month low, Dutch hospitals have been able to resume normal operations and non-Covid care. Most hospitals have resumed providing scheduled care, including non-critical surgeries, the Dutch Healthcare Authority said.

Nine have not yet resumed these procedures, compared to 28 last week. Sixteen of 73 hospitals are still unable to fully resume scheduled intensive care, procedures that will put a patient at risk if not completed within six weeks. This is a slight improvement from last week. While operating theaters used were a third below normal last week, that figure improved to 24% below normal this week.

There were 1,186 people with Covid-19 in hospitals on Tuesday, the first time the figure has fallen below 1,200 since October 31. The total was 4% lower than Monday afternoon and 21% lower than a week ago.

This reflects the biggest weekly drop since early July. Another 21% drop will bring the total number of Covid-19 patients below 950. The current total number of patients included 303 people in intensive care units, one of which was in a German hospital. That combined for 14 fewer patients in intensive care than Monday. The other 883 people were in regular care wards, a sharp decrease of 40. Dutch hospitals admitted 107 patients with coronavirus disease in the past 24 hours, including 7 sent directly to intensive care.

However, with the sharp rise in coronavirus infections, the LCPS Patient Coordination Office said it expects hospital admissions to start rising again by the end of January. For now, with an average of 111 Covid-19 hospitalizations per day, admissions are at their lowest since the third week of October.

A total of 31,426 coronavirus infections were diagnosed between Monday and Tuesday morning, the RIVM said. However, computer glitches that occurred meant that many more infections were not recorded in time for the health institute’s update on Tuesday. Missing data will be added to statistical publications during the week.

Still, the seven-day moving average rose for the 21st straight day to 34,754. The figure, based on raw data alone, was 20% higher than the previous week.

The cities with the most new infections were Amsterdam (2,534), Rotterdam (1,722) and Utrecht (970). High numbers of infections were also reported in The Hague (891) and Tilburg (714).

About 36.8% of people tested by the GGD in the past calendar week have tested positive for the coronavirus infection. More than 99,300 people were tested each day last week, on average.

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