Molly-Mae Hague reveals crumbling walls inside her and Tommy Fury’s luxury apartment


MOLLY-Mae Hague showed fans how the walls in her luxury apartment and Tommy Fury are peeling off.

The couple currently live in a rented £ 1.3million apartment in Cheshire as they continue their search for the perfect home to buy.


Molly-Mae Hague showed the peeling walls inside her and Tommy’s apartmentCredit: instagram
She said the walls only do


She said the walls were only “flaking” on their luxury apartmentCredit: YouTube

Molly was showing off her elaborate Halloween decorations on her YouTube channel when she swept a wall with visible holes in it.

She zoomed in so fans could see how parts of the wall were peeling off and revealed it was happening all around her house.

“So, so annoying about those cracks in the wall, we talked to the folks who look after our place, basically because it was recently remodeled, there are issues with that,” Molly explained.

“The walls sort of fade away, they do in other rooms too, they literally peel off for no reason.”

Molly then cut off another part of the wall and, with a perfectly manicured nail, showed a random screw hanging down from the wall.

“Even here there’s like a weird screw going through the wall and it’s literally like a bolt,” she said, pushing down on it.

The TV star’s annoyance at her peeling walls comes after she reveals she has found her “dream home”.

Molly-Mae, 22, took to her social media to answer questions asked by fans as she admitted that she and her beau Tommy, 22, were looking for a home.

“Have you found a house?” asked the Instagram fan, to which the reality TV star responded with a snap of the interior of a glamorous home.

“I’m going to be completely honest, we found a home and I FULLY fell in love, for a while I thought it was this one,” Molly-Mae explained.

“I’ve never had this feeling before. But buying a house is more than just loving the house itself.”

“The research continues, but I’m learning from this tedious process if anything,” she continued, revealing their ongoing research.

“I was so clueless when I started looking for a home two years ago, never feel embarrassed if you’re like me they don’t teach you that stuff in school.”

It comes weeks after Molly-Mae revealed that she stepped back from buying her “dream home” that she was planning to buy for herself.

Speaking to her followers in her latest vlog, Molly said, “Sadly, I’m not here to tell you that we found this one.

“I arrived and basically when I say I fell in love with the house it was just awesome, everything I had ever dreamed of in terms of layout was perfect, absolutely needed a modernization.

“I actually then went for a second vision the next day, because I thought it might be that one. I wanted to do it at home and let’s just say the things I wanted to do would cost a lot of money.

“I was only going to be completely happy with the house if these things were done. It was to do with the exterior, its appearance – I wanted the whole house to be returned.

She continued, “I was so, so close to making an offer, but I didn’t end up doing it, which really breaks my heart because it was going to be an incredible investment for me. Too bad.”

Molly added, “I think Tommy and my dream house will arrive someday and we can buy it together.”

Molly showed her fans a random bolt sticking out of the wall


Molly showed her fans a random bolt sticking out of the wallCredit: YouTube
Molly showed off the peeling walls in her latest YouTube video


Molly showed off the peeling walls in her latest YouTube videoCredit: YouTube
Molly said the couple are looking to buy their dream home


Molly said the couple are looking to buy their dream homeCredit: Instagram
They are currently renting out the £ 1.3million house in Cheshire


They are currently renting out the £ 1.3million house in CheshireCredit: Instagram
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