Molly-Mae Hague nearly turned down ‘Love Island’ role

Molly-Mae Hague finished second in the the island of love in 2019, alongside partner Tommy Fury. (IVT)

Molly-Mae Hague has confessed she almost turned down the chance to appear on Love Island after learning she wouldn’t be part of the original cast on day one.

Hague came in like a bomb on day four of the 2019 series, teaming up with boxer Tommy Fury and making it all the way to the finals, finishing second behind Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea.

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In his book Become Molly-Mae — reported via The sun – she wrote that friends who had been in the villa before had warned her that the bombs sometimes did not put on a show and remained on standby.

“They wanted me, but like a bomb, which meant I would join the villa late to shake things up. I didn’t want to do it,” Hague confessed.

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She added that the producers tried to persuade her to do so, telling her she would be the first bombshell to enter the villa, but she remained unsure.

“Things were going well for me commercially: my Instagram was growing quickly and organically. I knew I could be on the show and potentially damage it,” Hague said.

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“If you say something wrong, you could ruin your reputation. So there was a lot to think about.

“A lot of people were telling me, you don’t really need it. You can do this without it. I listened to all this…and decided I was going to do it anyway.”

Since Love Island, Molly-Mae Hague has become a successful influencer and is now creative director at PrettyLittleThing.  (Wireframe)

Since the island of love, Molly-Mae Hague became a successful influencer and is now Creative Director at PrettyLittleThing. (Wireframe)

The Hague has become one of the most successful candidates in the history of the island of love since leaving the villa, he has become one of the biggest names in the influencer world.

In 2021, she lands a major role in the fashion industry as the new creative director of PrettyLittleThing.

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Hague has since attempted to distance itself from the island of love and said last year that even if the series “had pushed me in the right direction”, it would still have achieved its goals.

She said, “The things I’ve accomplished since this show came out aren’t really related to the show. They’re more related to my drive and ambition to do great things.”

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