Manchester United won’t repeat Liverpool’s mistakes against Man City, says Pep Guardiola


Pep Guardiola has dismissed the idea that Manchester City could give Manchester United a punch to Liverpool in the derby tomorrow.

The two rivals meet for the 186th edition of the game at Old Trafford, with the Reds still angry after the 5-0 beating given by Jurgen Klopp’s oar just two weeks ago.

And with City in brackets with Liverpool and Chelsea as the top three teams in the country at the start of this season, some Reds fear a repeat, just over a decade after Roberto’s shock 6-1 win. The future champions of Mancini.

But Guardiola has ruled out any landslide and believes United responded positively to the result against Liverpool by changing their system and approach.

Les Bleus have been a strange mix of starvation or party in front of goal this season, scoring five or six goals against Norwich, Arsenal, Leipzig, Bruges and Wycombe, but also blanking against Spurs, Southampton, West Ham, Crystal Palace and Paris Saint-Germain.

Guardiola believes the lessons learned by his counterpart Ole Gunnar Solskjaer over the past fortnight will ensure that the Blues cannot go wild and that it will be a typically tight and competitive derby.

“If you want to do it like Liverpool, you want Jurgen Klopp, (Sadio) Mane and (Mo) Salah to come,” Guardiola said.

“We can’t play like Liverpool play because we have different players and different ways of playing. If you see the last four, five or six years of the Premier League by looking at the games played by Liverpool and City, you know we play differently.

“We’re going to try to play our game as a team, but we have different qualities in a different way. Maybe now, if United played at Liverpool, they would play in a different way, and that wouldn’t be the result they had at Old Trafford because everyone is learning about it.

“Brugge lost 1-5 at home (against City) playing four at the back, but changed something and played 5-3-2 and changed more directly. It was different. Every manager learns what works and what hasn’t and what you need to do to fix it.

Guardiola also took note that the loss of Raphael Varane to a hamstring injury could force United back to four at the back after moving to three at Tottenham, a week after the shock loss to Liverpool, and won 3-0.

“We have the quality to play like Liverpool play (but) we play in a different way,” he said. “Football is not ‘cut and paste’.

“After that (Liverpool) loss they changed the setup against Tottenham and it worked and they changed the setup against Atalanta, but after injuring (Raphael) Varane and they went down to four.

“I know that to play United in the Champions League, when they lose they put in a lot of attackers and when they win they put in more defenders. We will see tomorrow what they do.

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