Man shot dead in Harrisburg is remembered for his smile, love of adventure and positivity


The Everson family are far too familiar with the loss.

This weekend, Bernard Everson III, 36, died in Harrisburg shooting. Like his cousin before him, he didn’t deserve what happened to him, a family member said on Wednesday.

“He was the type of person to bring your flowers while you’re still here,” said his cousin, Marcella Everson. “To talk about positivity in you.”

Everson was gunned down around 11:45 p.m. in the 2400 block of North Fourth Street on Saturday, police said. Kenyatta Williams is indicted with felony homicide in the shooting, but police have not released any further details except to say that the Williams and Eversons had an argument before the shooting.

For Marcella Everson, her cousin was someone she had grown up with, who was always by her side. She said he had the biggest smile and always laughed and tried to take care of people and his community.

When he was away he literally tried to clean the streets around him. Marcella Everson said if he saw trash he would be the first to pick it up, and he got groups together to clean up neighborhoods. If he saw anyone throwing trash, he would try to call them and encourage them to keep the quarters clean.

He also loved children, said Marcella Everson. Although he couldn’t be with him, he frequently went to neighborhood parks to participate in basketball games.

She said Bernard Everson was also one of the more adventurous people she knew and tried to get her to go skydiving with him and shared videos of the feat upon his return.

He was the kind of person who voicemailed whenever he had something to say to family, and instead of texting “lol” he could send a picture of himself laughing. She said she deeply felt the loss of this energy.

The last time Marcella Everson spoke to her was a chance meeting at a gas station. They hugged each other, shared a few short words, and he left saying, “Be careful. I love you.”

Looking back on that moment, it’s different.

“It breaks my heart. It really is,” Marcella Everson said.

Bernard Everson Photos provided by Marcella Everson.

She said that although the couple were like two peas in a pod, she had moved away from him recently because she was going through her own struggles. She regrets it.

“I could have been with him. [The shooting] could have been avoided, ”said Marcella Everson.

She was at work when she learned of her death. She said she was so devastated that she almost passed out. She went home for the rest of the day.

As her family recovers from this loss, they are also trying to cope with the fact that they know as little information about the investigation as everyone else.

“We are so hurt and angry. All we hear is it was an altercation. Neither of us had any details, ”said Marcella Everson. “That’s why I feel like we’re still angry. We have no fence. Even if it was an altercation, did it justify losing his life?

She said she had heard that he had been shot six or seven times. “Because of an altercation?” she asked.

It brought back memories of his cousin Stevie Everson, who was stabbed to death in 2013, also in a fight. She said her other cousin was also a great person who loved her community.

The case hurt on several levels, as the man convicted in the stabbing was another family member, Sean Boden Jr. Borden was sentenced to between five and 10 years in state prison for intentional manslaughter after their family asked for mercy.

Bernard’s father, Bernard Everson II, was also shot and killed as children.

“For him to come out the same way too, it’s my family playing it again,” said Marcella Everson.

She said some of her family had briefly gathered at the scene of the shooting on Monday, and when she saw Everson’s brother, “I could see it all in his face. I felt my knees flex. It hurts so much.

Marcella Everson said she knew it would only get worse, knocking home when they finally buried him because it will solidify that he’s no longer here.

“I don’t know how we’re supposed to get out of this,” she said.

the family has created a GoFundMe where they accept donations to pay for funerals and other expenses. Marcella also sells pins of Bernard to show his support.

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