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Nisky owes Chef Fran Wall thanks

The citizens of Niskayuna owe a debt of gratitude to Police Chief Frances Wall, not only for his decades of dedicated service to our city, but also for his honorable service to our country as the United States Navy.
Fran Wall is an intelligent and principled woman who has given her all to our community.
Her honesty, integrity, strength, commitment, empathy and human compassion are assets that have benefited us all. May the kindness she shared with us over the years return to her during her retirement.
Thanks Fran Wall!
Sue Penny

Fair and professional Litz won the 9th term

I am writing to urge all voters in Rotterdam to support and vote for Judge Kenneth P. Litz in his candidacy for a ninth term as Rotterdam City Judge.
In assessing a candidate for the bench, consideration should be given to professional competence, character, independence, integrity, reputation for fairness, freedom from bias and temperament, including courtesy and patience,
Justice Litz is and has been a highly respected member of the legal community throughout his nearly 42 years of practice.
During his nearly 32 years as a Rotterdam city judge, he has won and is known for his reputation for exceptional professional competence, high work ethic, excellent judgment and extensive experience for his position.
He is admired and respected for the characteristics that every judge must possess, namely honesty, integrity, good character, distinguished judicial temperament, courtesy, patience, independence, impartiality and respect for all participants in the judicial process.
The citizens of Rotterdam and all who deal with the Rotterdam city court deserve and need to have Judge Ken Litz as the Rotterdam city judge. Please vote for Judge Litz on Primary Day, June 22.
Shannon Blanchard

Get the name “Democratic Party” correct

I am a member of the Democratic Party, but I read or hear references from time to time to what is called the “Democratic Party”.
There is no such thing as a “Democratic Party” where the “ic” has been cut.
Of course, it’s fair to say that the individual members of our party are Democrats.
I first became aware of the incorrect term “Democratic Party” years ago.
I believe its use started with right-wing AM radio commentators to suggest that the Democratic Party did not subscribe to democratic values.
As far as I know, it certainly is.
Either way, using this incorrect term makes about as much sense as calling the Republican Party the “Republic Party”.
Tom williams

Racism underlies far-right extremism

I believe that the great American political division of today established its period of exponential growth starting in 2008, when Barack Obama was elected president.
The fact that he is black has sparked the awakening of the underlying racist and fanatic white supremacist beliefs of so many people terrified of America’s “Browning”.
It was only because of this move, driven by lucrative disinformation spewing out on Fox, Facebook and other media and social media, that an ignorant criminal like Donald Trump would be elected president.
Once the new far-right political faction of the GOP realized the ease with which tens of millions of people, much like sheep, stepped on a political cliff, their evil, false and fascist agenda shifted to the bottom. top speed.
And that big push, my fellow American voters, is how so many radical right-wing politicians at all levels, from mayors to senators and members of Congress, are winning political positions.
But don’t worry, the only thing at stake is democracy.
Louis Restifo Sr.
Burnt hills

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