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Attend the hearing in Rotterdam tonight

I am writing this letter against the Rotterdam city council which is proposing a change of zone at 2625 Curry Road in Rotterdam to allow the construction of 182 apartments.
This apartment complex, if approved, will add hundreds of cars to an already full capacity carriageway. In addition, the vast majority of Rotterdam residents believe that the city already has enough apartments and oppose any further development of apartments in the city.
In July, Rotterdam’s town planning commission voted by an overwhelming 6-1 majority against the proposed project.
The members of the Planning Commission noted in their opposition to the project that the addition of these apartments would worsen a chronically bad traffic situation and create safety problems for the surrounding neighborhoods.
In every way imaginable, this proposed apartment project is exactly the type of project Rotterdam residents don’t want. A survey of city dwellers this year by the Rotterdam City Comprehensive Plan Committee found that 77% of respondents said they were against apartment development / high density; 88% of respondents indicated that they would like the city to encourage single family homes.
The mantra of the city of Rotterdam is “A beautiful place to live”.
There will be a public hearing on this matter at Rotterdam City Hall on Sunrise Boulevard this evening (Thursday 23 September) at 7 p.m.
I encourage those who want Rotterdam to remain “A Nice Place to Live” to attend this meeting and encourage the city council to vote against this change of zone.
Victor murdock

Niskayuna must achieve different results

Fellow of Niskayuna: The definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.
So here we are, less than two months before the ballot, and one is seeking his fourth term and the other his third. What have we received from these politicians?
We have our fourth chief of police in 12 months, with the last three overshadowed by unrest, allegations and a year-long investigation abandoned without explanation hours before a public hearing is held.
Chief Wall, a 36-year veteran, cited the lack of council support, among other issues, as the reason for his retirement.
The former controller, who was allegedly involved in race-insensitive behavior, was allowed to receive his full pension, as well as vacation and sick leave, although the board was advised not to. to do. Again, no explanation.
Where are our municipal leaders?
Our supervisor, after being constantly pushed around by Democrats at the table, has apparently given up on the fight and is hiding behind the guise of “personnel matters.”
The others are too busy discussing “dog day” at the paddling pool or their next photoshoot with Biden, Cuomo or Tonko.
Choose Niskayuna wisely.
Stephen benton

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