KCAP designs the multi-purpose tower at Gouda station in the Netherlands


KCAP designs the multi-purpose tower at Gouda station in the Netherlands

KCAP Architects and Planners designed a new mixed-use building at Gouda station. The design takes the form of a public plinth with a program of hotels, apartments and amenities. Created for ABC Vastgoed, the project aims to improve the areas surrounding the existing railway stop and its overall quality as the final piece in a larger redevelopment of the northern area of ​​the station.

Called Kavel 5, the project in the Netherlands will be located on a narrow plot next to the Huis van de Stad, the Gouda cinema and the entrance to the station. As the firm notes, in this urban context, the new building was designed to “integrate with the iconic neighboring architecture, but also to reveal its own characteristic appearance”. The new mixed-use building designed by KCAP aims to improve the liveliness and safety of the station grounds day and night. Formally, the volume of the building was made to refer to its urban context.

For pedestrians, the transparent double-height plinth provides space for an immediately visible public program. Above, the design foresees a lower part of the building with hotel functions and a roof terrace with a view of the station. The team explains that an accent in height will be created on the north side where the apartments are located. The aim is for the mix of programs to interact with the functions already present in the area to improve the economic sustainability of the facilities.

The building program includes a transparent double-height coffee bar in the heart of the building’s plaza and lounge. Above, in a transparent level with facilities accessible to the public, the building includes a hotel with more than 100 rooms and several apartments of different sizes. Outside there will be flower beds and paving accents in the public plaza to guide walking and cycling flows. The landscape design was made with regard to the square in front of the Huis van de Stad and the space next to the cinema.

Kavel 5’s building permit is expected by the end of 2021.

News via KCAP Architects and Planners

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