Jocko Sims and Frances Turner discuss Reynolds and Malvo’s complicated relationship


Dr Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) started New Amsterdam Season 3 got engaged to Evie (Margot Bingham) and San Francisco, but then decided to be in New York City to help his mother track her diabetes diagnosis. The wedding was called off and he soon seemed to have found a new connection, with Dr. Lyn Malvo (Frances Turner)… only to find out that she was married. But there is a twist!

As Lyn shared on the May 18 episode, she and her husband get along: When he’s out of town, they’re both allowed to be with other people. She’s never acted on it before. Reynolds changed that for her, and although he is wary, he goes to have a drink with her.

What’s next when the NBC medical drama returns on June 1? TV Insider turned to Sims and Turner for more on their characters’ complicated relationship.

Your two characters obviously have feelings for each other, but there’s this complication of Lyn’s open marriage. What can you tease about these last two episodes?

Jocko Sims: We’re going to button up some things. There is an interesting and good-sized surprise on the horizon that I really am, really excited. And a few twists and turns, of course. You can’t have a New Amsterdam season finale without a plot twist. We will definitely check that box as well.

What are the main pros and cons of each character when it comes to researching what they might be between them?

Frances Turner: For Lyn, a pro is someone she’s found a real connection with who appears to be there. Because she tells him when he comes for a drink that she’s never really acted on it, there’s clearly something special about him that even makes him want to exercise this open marriage or understand that she is. and her husband have.

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For her, “he’s someone I really dig, he digs me. There is something special here. I can’t really explain it, but it’s something and I want to keep seeing what it is. Because who knows? We don’t know what she thinks of our husband. We don’t know anything about her husband. We don’t even really know what the rules of their marriage are beyond what she said. Besides, she might fall in love with him more than the man she’s married to. And what does that mean? What are you doing with it? I do not know.

Sims: I think back to episode 8 this season when Reynolds was confused about what to do with his mother’s situation and he confided in Iggy [Tyler Labine] and Iggy ended the scene by telling him, “You should have fun and flirt too”, and he said, “Hashtag self-care”. It was the episode, I think, that we first encountered, so maybe it’s on his mind. So a pro would be if he participated in what she offered, then that would be a bit of a “self-care hashtag”. [Laughs] He’s going to have a little fun, which is unique to Reynolds, right? And one drawback would be, here we are again, where it is not in line with the vision he has of himself, of his future and of the family in particular, if he gets involved or becomes entangled in a strange situation. There are certainly things to consider.

Especially since her mom is a big part of her life right now – trying to explain that would be complicated.

Sims: Oh, yeah, you don’t explain that. Evie barely got along with mom. Now this? It’s a lot.

Jocko Sims New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 7 Floyd Reynolds

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Reynolds seems to be in the hospital again. How does he feel now that he’s been back there for a long time and had to make some adjustments?

Sims: I think it’s still weird for him. He’s doing his best. He’s a good guy in the sense that he’s ready to take the journey he needs to take and whatever action he needs to take to get back to his job or just be there and be happy and be in a place where he is. love to work and help people. . There will be an interesting opportunity for him in the last episode that we will see and he will have to decide whether or not he wants to do it.

So the “dramatic offer” he is going to receive in the finale, as teased in the logline, is a professional offer?

Sims: It could be that. It might not be that professional. But there is something looming on the horizon for him and something to consider about his future in New Amsterdam or beyond.

Is it from someone we know or someone new coming in?

Sims: Who knows? It could be someone from the outside.

Frances Turner New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 10 Lyn Malvo

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What happens to Lyn at the end of the season? Did that mean that we will see her again next year?

Turner: It depends on how their relationship is going. This is what I am going to say.

Sims: Whether or not they decide to go ahead, she’s going nowhere. It’s a hospital and she works there.

I really liked Lyn’s introduction. I love the chemistry between these two characters, but also just seeing her, she’s in her element at work, and you can tell from the start.

Turner: Yeah, I love it about her. He did not meet any woman at the cafe. She’s a doctor. She is capable. She is confident. She is intelligent. She’s all there is to the hospital. And somehow, they’ve managed to knock themselves off their respective squares and soften up a bit over time. I love that she is as strong, intelligent and competent as she is. We see her vulnerable and gentle, and as an actress, I like having all of these dimensions. I love it when I can play with all of these things.

Jocko Sims Frances Turner New Amsterdam 310 Reynolds Lyn

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What else can you tease about the finale and how it will play out next season?

Sims: It’s so hard not to say things. I even think of other scenarios too. We will get answers to a few questions. Cause even I got questions about that Malvo thing and she says these things, she talks about this husband, [but] is she really married? What is happening? This is where I go as a fan. We will get this answer and more. Some other details of the series will definitely tie in, and it will be so good. It was one of those episodes that I read and my jaw hit the ground.

Are we going to meet Lyn’s husband? Now I think he’s the one who has an offer for Reynolds and he’ll find out who he is after.

Sims: It’s hilarious. I am not yet convinced that she actually has a husband. I will stop there.

Turner: “My husband.” We don’t really know what Lyn’s real situation is. … I think at one point, [Reynolds and Lyn] have to have the real conversation on, “OK, what’s really going on here? What is that? What is your situation? What is mine? They have to decide to go one way or the other. They are going to be at a crossroads. When this connection is so strong, they cannot stay in this space indefinitely or they both get frustrated.

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