Jenison, bride killed in plane crash in Colorado, recalls her love for adventure


JENISON, MI – A wife Jenison who died with her husband in a plane crash in Colorado – just four days after their wedding – is remembered for her love of adventure.

Lindsey Vogelaar, 33, and Costas Sivyllis, 30, died Monday, October 5 in the crash near Telluride. They were driving home to Florida on Sivyllis’ private plane.

“Lindsey was the funniest, most energetic person ever with an infectious laugh and smile,” her family said in a statement.

Vogelaar graduated in 2005 from Jenison High School and later from Grand Valley State University. She became a flight attendant for United Airlines and it was there that she met her husband, a professional pilot.

“Costas loved Lindsey with every fiber of his being and loved every aspect of Lindsey and her whole life. They could have lived anywhere as long as they were together. They were citizens of the world. Lindsey’s house was where the plane landed. They had roots in Florida, but they were true citizens of the world. They supported each other in all aspects of their lives, ”Vogelaar’s family said.

The couple met on a flight to Europe in 2016.

“They shared the love of adventure, travel, family and their friends,” the family said.

According to investigators, Sivyllis’ Beechcraft Bonanza plane fell about 15 minutes after takeoff. They were in Telluride for their little wedding and their honeymoon.

There was no immediate information on what could have caused the crash.

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