Is New Amsterdam new to NBC tonight, returning alongside This Is Us?

Is New Amsterdam new tonight on NBC? Is the series set to return after a week-long hiatus? Since there is a new episode of It’s us on air, it makes perfect sense to get more of the Ryan Eggold drama too!

Or, at least that’s what we were hoping for in advance. This is where we come in with some of the bad news. There is no new episode tonight; not only that, but there will also be no new episode for the next few weeks. Because of the new NBC series The thing about Pam taking over the time slot, you will still be waiting more than a month for more episodes here.

So what’s next? What are you looking forward to? For now, story #1 seems to be the idea of ​​an engagement between Max and Helen, which he happily tries to facilitate. We know their relationship could be rocky over the next few weeks, given that he’s in America, working to save New Amsterdam, while she’s in London. There is no specific timeline as to when this will be resolved. If they can commit to each other, we tend to consider that an appropriate first step. At the very least, it will open the door for them to participate in more exciting stories down the road.

Of course, in the meantime, we imagine we’ll see Max do everything he can to leverage his new position to influence the board and eventually work to get Dr. Fuentes out of the hospital. . The biggest challenge she faces is really focusing on profits and business decisions – which, by the way, most hospital boards love. It will be difficult to make them discover another facet.

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What do you want to see on New Amsterdam season 4 when it will return to NBC?

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