Human resources managers, technicians and IT specialists are the most demanded jobs in the Netherlands

There are more and more professions with employment opportunities due to the huge shortage in the labor market, according to the annual list of promising professions by the employment agency Randstad. This year, HR managers, IT professionals, landscapers, installers and technicians are at the top of the list. There is also a strong demand for educational employees, doctors of psychology, delivery people and customer service employees.

Randstad expects that with the current shortage in the labor market, which is also due to strong economic growth and an aging population, more people will move on to other positions. Job content and remuneration are important motivations for changing jobs. According to Randstad, employers will have to “make every effort” to find or retain staff. The development of the coronavirus pandemic also plays a role, according to the agency.

But developments in technology, climate and politics can also have a major impact on job prospects, according to Randstad. In saying this, the employment agency refers to the agreements contained in the coalition agreement, but also to the growing importance of cybersecurity and the effort required for the energy transition.

According to Randstad, most vacancies are structurally open in technology, IT, health and education. In addition, the pandemic has created a high demand for specific personnel like testers, customer service representatives and delivery drivers, although this may be temporary. It’s also important to better match supply and demand, the agency recommends.

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