How long is Miltie going to Amsterdam

Pam & Tommy’s “Uncle Miltie” travels to Amsterdam at the end of Episode 4, and the story of the real Milton Ingley suggests he’ll be away for a while.

Pam and Tommy episode 4 depicts Milton Ingley, also known as “Uncle Miltie”, leaving for Amsterdam for an unknown duration. The trip to Europe is part of Miltie and Rand Gauthier’s plan to enjoy Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape, but also provides Miltie with the opportunity to indulge his vices. In the end, Milton Ingley would spend more time in Amsterdam than anyone could have anticipated.

The Hulu miniseries Pam and Tommy contrasts the hedonistic celebrity world of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, played by Lily James and Sebastian Stan, respectively, with the grimy world of pornography, portrayed by Seth Rogen’s Rand Gauthier and Nick Offerman’s Milton Ingley. The real “Uncle Miltie” was a porn impresario who helped distribute Anderson and Lee’s stolen sex tape, taking most of the profits. The nickname stems from both Milton’s grizzled appearance and a reference to Milton Berle, one of TV’s early stars who young fans often referred to as “Uncle Miltie”.


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Pam and Tommy episode 4 shows money arriving in the banks of Amsterdam as part of its opening montage. It was part of the business that Miltie and Rand established, with customers ordering the sex tape over the internet and sending money orders. The money orders went to a New York t-shirt office and were then sent to Amsterdam, presumably in an effort to make the money harder to trace. Miltie himself is shown on a plane bound for Amsterdam at the end of the episode, just before the scene where Pamela Anderson smashes a paparazzo’s car. He will end up staying in the Netherlands for several years.

Besides offering a convenient place to launder his ill-gotten money, Amsterdam also offered Miltie a chance to indulge. The real Ingley reportedly spent most of the money the gang produced on drugs and sex workers, spending lavishly. This is depicted in a scene Pam and Tommy episode 4 where a panicked Rand tries to get in touch with an overjoyed Miltie. According to rolling stone item Pam and Tommy is based on, Ingley also partied a lot in New York, so that scene could have taken place there as well.

However, Amsterdam would prove useful primarily as a hiding place for Ingsley. In the Pam and Tommy true story, Inglsey ended up running into mobster Louis “Butchie” Peraino, played by Andrew Dice Clay in Pam and Tommy, who loaned the money to start the sex tape operation, as well as the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang that Lee allegedly sent after those involved in distributing the tapes. Ingley ended up living in Amsterdam and waiting for Peraino, whom he knew had liver cancer. Peraino died in 1999, but Ingley stayed in Europe for up to seven years before returning to the United States.

So while “Uncle Miltie” may seem like a brief escape at the end of Pam and Tommy episode 4, the character’s actual base ended up spending several years in Amsterdam. The international stay reflects how deeply involved the sex tape business was, as well as how quickly it fell apart. Even with this sordid affair, neither Ingley nor Gauthier were ever truly punished for their involvement.

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