How each Golden Knight has performed this season compared to their salary – The Athletic

The Golden Knights roster has a total salary cap of $91.5 million, which is $10 million more than the NHL cap. The team is still able to operate below the ceiling as Jack Eichel and Alec Martinez are on the long-term injured list, but that won’t last forever.

Finding value in contracts is important in a salary cap world, but even more so for teams like the Golden Knights who have squeezed against the cap. Vegas will be counting pennies when it comes to this year’s trade deadline, hoping to make the most of the $81.5 million salary cap.

The Golden Knights can take several routes to free up enough space for Eichel and Martinez to return, but today let’s take a look at the value of each contract on the roster. In today’s salary cap landscape, a player’s performance against their cap is of vital importance. In order to build a championship contender with limited resources, it is essential to find players who can perform well above their expected contributions based on their salary.

As I have done many times in years past, I enlisted the help of The Athletic’s hockey analysis expert, Dom Luszczyszyn. Its Game Score Added Value (GSVA) ​​model combines all basic scoring stats, plus advanced analytics, into a single number to measure a player’s total value to the team.

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