Holland’s rich skateboarding landscape brings NIKE Amsterdam headquarters to life


merge traditional architecture and skateboarding

to rejuvenate NIKE’s european headquarters in the netherlands, rich holland designed a skateboarding landscape that connects all of the offices and sports facilities on campus. the project combines traditional architecture and skateboarding, to form an original and inviting public space. the skate area is accessible for free every day, while there is also on-site training at the skate school for anyone interested.

overview of the skate landscape

all images by marcel veldman, unless otherwise noted

a stimulating hybrid skate spot

rich holland (read more here) designed this hybrid landscape as a public space that integrates various skateable elements. it feels more like a newly discovered skate spot, rather than a traditional skatepark. all of the elements are based on shapes and objects that have shaped skateboarding over the past decades, with the aalto wave serving as the centerpiece.

the area is characterized by its authentic and welcoming appearance, designed to stimulate the creativity of skaters. this new space is essentially built to accommodate all audiences and an avant-garde approach to public spaces, which will hopefully lead to many other similar projects.

nike ehq skate landscape 2
skate landscape kidney drop detail

nike ehq skate landscape 3
skate landscape planter viking block detail

nike ehq skate landscape 7
aalto skate landscape, ollie frontside

nike ehq skate landscape 8
overview of the skate landscape

nine meter image

nike ehq skate landscape 9
A glimpse of the skate landscape with the sculpture “the rebound” by Ruben Sanchez

nine meter image

project info:

Name: NIKE EHQ Home Skates Landscape

design / creative direction: rich holland
technical help : bekar bekar

service provider: by enk

landscaping: office B + B

engineer: BK engineers

sculptor ‘the rebound’: Ruben Sanchez

Special thanks to: wouter bakker, eelco de koning, NIKE SB team

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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | design boom

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