Here are Amsterdam’s leading female entrepreneurs to watch in 2022 – Part 2

Many female entrepreneurs are shaping the future of Amsterdam‘s startup ecosystem.

According to data from the Chamber of Commerce (KVK), 39% of the approximately 120,000 Dutch startups launched last year were owned by women. Many initiatives have also emerged to support women in tech who are struggling to make their mark.

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For example, the city of Amsterdam invested €750,000 in RISE – Female hub Amsterdam, in 2020 to empower female entrepreneurs, tech professionals and create more equal opportunities for women and men.

As entrepreneurs, businesswomen are changing the world by fighting for more diversity and equality. Let’s take a look at the game changers – the women leading the way in Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem.

Image credits: Tatiana Pastukhova

Tatyana Pastukhova

Co-founder of Teenit

Tatiana (Lukyanova) Pastukhova is the co-founder of Teenit, an educational smart budgeting app for teens.

She has over 15 years of experience in many roles ranging from product management, business strategy and development to user experience design and agile transformations.

She completed her studies in MSc in Physics and MSc in Communication, Behavior and Credibility Analysis.

Tatiana has experience delivering technology products to international companies of various sizes and domains – logistics, recruitment, stock trading, gaming, video entertainment, with a focus on C2C and B2C e-commerce.

Image credits: Sandra van Beest

Sandra van Beest

Founder and CEO of The Social Handshake

Sandra van Beest is the founder of The Social Handshake, an Amsterdam startup that makes it easier for employees and employers to donate to charities. Sandra’s experience ranges from the NGO sector to that of a consulting business strategist at the Boston Consulting Group.

Sandra interrupted her studies for a few years from 2006 to 2008 to work as a youth representative to the United Nations. She completed her Masters in Conflict Studies at Radbound University.

Image credits: Ceren Danis

Ceren Danis

Founder of Wearebasics

Ceren Danis is the founder of Wearebasics, a subscription-based fashion tech company that delivers and collects sustainable clothing to and from you.

She obtained her BSc in Economics and Business Economics at Utrecht University and her MSc in Finance and Investment at Rotterdam School of Management.

Prior to starting her full-time entrepreneurial journey, she worked at ABN AMRO Bank as a Global Markets Associate, The Citco Group of Companies and as a Corporate Finance Intern.

Image credits: Dr. Nilofer Christensen

Dr Nilofer Christensen

Founder and CEO of Swap-studio

Dr. Nilofer Christensen is the founder and CEO of Swap-Studio, an online peer-to-peer platform, where members swap things they no longer want using a community currency called kudos. She is also the founder of BeanTrails, a platform that offers eco-friendly coffee cups.

She worked at TomTom for five years before becoming COO at Chargetrip in 2020. Nilofer completed her executive education at Cambridge Judge Business School and London Business School.

Image credits: Angela Ursem

Angela Ursem

Founder of Food for Skin

Angela is the founder of Food for Skin, a clean, green, vegetable-based vegan skincare brand. Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, she worked for Tony’s Chocolonely for two years as Brand Captain and Movement Maker. Besides Food for Skin, Angela volunteers for 2 organizations focused on emergency humanitarian response.

Image credits: Laurie Lancee

Laurie Lancee

Founder of Vinimini

Laurie Lancee is the founder of Vinimini, an Amsterdam startup that provides reliable food supplements that help prevent food allergies in babies. She is also the founder of LauLan Finance.

Laurie graduated in hotel management and business administration and has worked in Paris, Shanghai and London. She moved to Amsterdam and graduated with a degree in Business Economics and a Certified Global Management Accountant (CGMA).

Over the past 13 years, Laurie has built a successful career in corporate finance and accounting at multinational companies such as HEINEKEN.

Image credits: Zsofia Kollar

Zsofia Kollar

Founder of Human Material Loop

Zsofia Kollar is a designer and founder of Human Material Loop, a startup that explores the concept of humans as sustainable materials of the future. She is interested in human interaction, society in general and the politics of everyday life.

Zsofia founded the company with a mission to show that people are equal to the ecosystem and not above it. She has also published a book, “Object-Oriented Identity”, which deals with consumer identity.

Image credits: Anne-Sophie Schürmann

Anne-Sophie Schurmann

Founder of Growth & Gluunder

Anne founded Growth & Gluunder to provide specialist family, school and group counseling for children with developmental disabilities. In addition, she is also the founder of Vesper, a school daycare designed to support children aged 4 to 13 with additional care needs. She obtained her MSc at the University of Amsterdam.

Image credits: Melissa Romero

Melissa Romero

Co-founder and CEO of Baubo.Care

Melissa is a seasoned business leader with extensive experience across a wide range of CPG categories in marketing, sales and general management roles.

She has a proven track record in building brands, leading cross-functional teams and achieving key performance indicators (revenue, share, profit, brand penetration and equity).

After a decade at the world’s largest CPG company, Melissa was chosen from a select pool of talent to join startup builder Antler, where she combined her experience and passions to create a new company: – a platform that aims to empower women to experience menopause in a positive way.

Image credits: Monique Janke

Monique Janke

Co-founder of Bundleboon

Monique is the co-founder of Bundleboon, a personal shopping experience for parents and children. She has a broad understanding of business including investment raising, inventory analysis, team management and marketing strategy.

According to Monique, her main focus is on online shopping and fashion. She, along with her co-founder, appeared on Dutch Dragons’ Den in 2020.

Image credits: Nelli Jeloudar

Nelli Jeloudar

Co-founder of Bundleboon

Nelli, the co-founder of Bundleboon, completed her studies in English and marketing management because the ethics of promotional activities excited her. Prior to Bundleboon, she worked for a similar company called The Cloakroom, an online personal shopping service for men.

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