Freddi ships onions to the Netherlands, Taiwan and France

Freddi has started harvesting borrettana onions over the past few days. “We have started exporting to the Netherlands and we are very happy to work with the country which is considered the “queen” of onions. We have also started exporting pearl onions to Taiwan, and another European destination is France,” says owner Matteo Freddi. .

Pearl onions ready for export

The diversification of destinations is essential to have multiple solutions adapted to all types of products.

This is also the time to harvest the shallot. “Consumption in Italy is rather calm. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of products available, but the demand isn’t very high in Italy yet. At least that’s what I think. The situation is more acute abroad.

Matteo Freddi

Freddi reports that the three types (white, gold, red) are in demand abroad, with quotes in the standard. “We are currently collecting borrettana onions to ship to all markets. The quality is excellent, as there has been no rain that could affect storage, nor storms or hail.

For pearl onion exports, Freddi selects grades 20-30 and 30-40 for Northern European countries and Taiwan. “Our product is ready a month earlier than in Northern Europe, which is why we have more room in the market and are successful in exporting well. It could be a good campaign this year, also because the rental costs Container numbers are very high, so buyers are reconsidering a relatively close market area like Italy.”

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