Ex Celtic WAG Lisa Hague launches new career as grief counselor after tragic stillbirth

Ex Celtic WAG Lisa Hague is launching a new career as a bereavement counsellor.

And the busy mom and the fiancé Municipalities of Kris will organize a series of retreats to help grieving parents.

The couple lost a baby girl, Lola, stillborn 14 years ago and have always supported others in a similar position.

Previously an advocate for Scottish stillbirth charity SiMBA, for which she and Kris set up the Lola Commons Fund to promote the creation of family rooms for bereaved parents, Lisa now wants to go further to help mums and babies recover. dads going through the trauma.

Lisa, who has three other children with longtime fiancé Kris Commons, said: “I made the decision to become a grief and bereavement coach, which, calling me that as of today , doesn’t really change from what I’ve been doing for a few years anyway.

“The only thing is I’m doing the bereavement and bereavement degree and getting a certificate so I can flesh it out.

“I listened a lot more. I did a lot more research. I did some psychology on it. I sat down with a mental health nurse and went through a lot of different things.

“And the big exciting news was when I said that to Kris, and I expected him to say ‘Oh, you don’t think you’re taking too much. You think you want to do this ?’ He said ‘I want to come in’. I want to do this with you.”

Lisa Hague when she was pregnant with Lola

Lisa, mum to April, 11, William, nine, and seven-year-old Jax, asked fans to guess what she was going to do next when she hinted she was changing direction.

Some thought she was about to marry Kris, while others wondered if she was opening an Only Fans account.

Lisa decided to get them out of their misery by hosting a live on social media where she told them about her new business.

Scan of little Lola’s baby

She added: “People already feel like they know Kris from being on TV, playing for Celtic and everything. So he wants to do it by my side supporting me. And he feels that there’s a huge support gap out there for men. And I totally agree.

“Even when I received flowers, they were addressed to me.”

Lisa and Kris are hosting two retreats to begin April 1-3 and May 6-8.

She said: “I’m doing an individual retreat. So if you just want to come as a single, it’ll be Sherwood Forest in Nottingham. And that’s April 1-3 at these luxury apartments and me and Kris will be there all the time.

“The May 6-8 retreat is for couples. Kris said he wanted to take the guys for a few hours and we haven’t defined that yet. I think when people come as couples we should all stay together but I really like the fact that the guys talk like guys.”

Lisa Hague with her husband and ex-Celtic star Kris Commons

Lisa doesn’t know how many people will need her help, but says helping one is worth it.

She explained: “It’s not about ego. If a person shows up because they need us, that’s it. These dates happened. They happen.

“I can’t promise anything more. I’m not a counsellor. I’ve studied and done quite a bit of counseling, but I’m not a qualified counselor and I’m not a doctor.

“However, I know I can help you massively and I know that even though I can’t take the pain away from grief because it’s impossible. I can’t take the pain away. But I can stop the suffering. I can keep you from suffering.”

For more information on retreats, email [email protected]

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