Eurovision Junior 2021: Netherlands

The Aussievision team have listened to and ranked all Junior Eurovision songs and we have our final ranking. The Netherlands finished in eleventh place. Details, individual rankings and comments below.

The entrance

Ayana – ‘Mata Sugu Aō Ne’

The Netherlands will be represented this year by 14-year-old Ayana.

Ayana, who is of Japanese and British descent, will sing “Mata Sugu Aō Ne”, which translates to “When I see you again”. The song is about missing those close to you. The song resonates particularly with Ayana, as she hasn’t been able to see her loved ones in Japan for quite some time now due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Ayana is no stranger to performing on stage in front of crowds of people. She was a member of the vocal and dance group ‘Kinderen voor Kinderen’ for four years, where she had the opportunity of her life to perform for the Dutch monarch.

Ayana plays the piano in her spare time, and with this song, she will be the first performer to sing in Japanese at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Ayana was selected to represent the Netherlands at Eurovision Junior after winning the Dutch national final “Junior Songfestival 2021”.

The Aussievision team classification

  • 3rd – Estelle

  • 3rd – Hayley

  • 5th – Steve

  • 6th – Kyriakos

  • 7th – Laura

  • 11th – Mike

  • 12th – Cooper

  • 12th – Hugo

  • 13 – Emma

  • 13 – Tim

  • 14th – Ally

  • 14th – Ford

  • 15 – Craig

  • 15th – Dale

  • 15 – Jos


Such a lovely song, and she has a very beautiful voice. I think the theme of the song can strike a chord with those who are missed by their families. ~ Hayley

A very cute “musical theater” style act with heart-touching lyrics and a dramatic change in tone. ~ Steve

So many great entries that have a good chance of winning, and the Dutch entry is one of them! A beautiful chorus and I love the change of languages ​​which are linked together very well. ~ Kyriakos

It’s very difficult for me to leave an unbiased review on this song just because its subject matter is so relevant and very close to my heart. I have been separated from my partner for almost 2 years now thanks to COVID-19 and I miss her very much. The lyrics are very touching and the melody is pleasant to listen to. One thing that might hurt him is that in my opinion the song grew more and more to me after listening to it several times, so it may not have an immediate impact for a casual audience member who doesn’t. listen only once. That being said, it touches my heart and Ayana puts a lot of emotion in her voice; the song feels very authentic to him and it shows. ~ Laura

It’s really nice but it smells a bit like paint by numbers to climb higher. Great to see Japanese included. ~ Dale

The Netherlands at Eurovision Junior

The Netherlands is one of only two nations to have participated in every Eurovision Song Contest since its inception in 2003. As of this year, however, it will hold the title of the only nation to participate in each year, because the rival nation, Belarus is no longer allowed to participate.

The Netherlands had some relative success in the Competition, with eleven top ten results, including three fourth (all in the last four Competitions), a second place with Rachel’s “Teenager” in 2011 and a victory in 2009 with ” Click Clack ”by Ralf Mackenbach.

“The Entry” and “The Netherlands at Eurovision Junior” written by Ford

Junior Eurovision 2021 ranking of the Australian team

12th place – Azerbaijan – Sona Azizova – ‘One of these days’

13th place – Ireland – Maiú Levi Lawlor – ‘Saor (Disappear)’

14th place – Germany – Pauline – ‘Imagine us’

15th place – Kazakhstan – Alinur & Beknur – ‘Ертегі әлемі (Fairy world)’

16th place – Serbia – Jovana and Dunja – ‘Children’s Eyes’

17th place – Malta – Ike & Kaya – ‘My Home’

18th place – Portugal – Simão Oliveira – ‘O Rapaz’

19th place – Bulgaria – Denislava and Martin – ‘Voice of Love’

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