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A $ 20 million loan program to encourage households to install batteries and solar power would become a reality under a Labor government. Making the announcement Tuesday in Hobart, Labor leader Rebecca White said many Tasmanian families were “struggling” with rising electricity bills. “This is an initiative that would make a huge difference to the cost of these electricity bills for households, allowing more people to buy solar panels and buy battery technology to ensure that they can reap the benefits of this investment, ”she said. IN OTHER NEWS: Under the 10-year program, loans of up to $ 15,000 would be made, interest free for the first three years and low interest for the remaining seven years. The loans are expected to help around 1,300 households. “There will be guidelines that will be attached to this program, but it is estimated that families with incomes of up to $ 200,000 would be eligible to apply,” Ms. White said. The Labor leader said the solar power owners had been “seriously abandoned” by the liberal state government and had seen the value of their investment “plummet” because feed-in tariffs had been cut. reduced. “The controversial new ‘solar tax’ proposed by the Australian Energy Market Commission will hit the value of feed-in tariffs even further, with people to be charged for exporting solar energy to the grid,” Ms. White. “Due to the evolution of the national electricity market, it is now impossible to simply restore the previous tariffs and the only solution is battery storage.” Battery storage is equivalent to receiving a purchase price equal to the retail price charged by [Aurora Energy]“Labor says its goal is to ensure Tasmanians get a return on their investment in solar power. Mick Heatley, of Glenorchy, said installing solar technology and batteries he four years ago had saved him “thousands of dollars.” was a “great idea.” “I have no worries about power outages and so on,” Mr. Heatley said. It is continuous feeding and no problem with the operation of refrigerators and food spoilage and so on. “So the mind is quite at peace.” Mr Heatley said he made the choice to install solar panels so he could save on electricity costs and help fight climate change. On Monday, the Labor Party also announced a $ 5 million solar school fund, aimed at encouraging schools to install solar panels to reduce their energy costs. A recent report from Tasmania’s economic regulator showed Tasmanians paying some of the lowest regulated electricity prices in the country. The state liberal government imposed a 1.38% cut in electricity prices from July 1, 2020 and introduced a $ 45 million power concession program during the COVID-19 pandemic. What do you think? Send us a letter to the editor:


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