Dutch YouTubers smash Guinness World Record doing 25 pull-ups from helicopter: The Tribune India


New Delhi, August 7

The Guinness World Record (GWR) for the most pull-ups performed in one minute while suspended from a helicopter has been broken by two Dutch fitness-loving YouTubers.

According to a GWR statement, Stan Browney (Stan Bruininck) and Arjen Albers, both from the Netherlands and presenters of the “Browney” YouTube channel, broke the record at Hoevenen airfield in Antwerp, Belgium.

They performed the deed on July 6.

Arjen went first and landed 24 pull-ups from the helicopter steps as he hovered above the ground. He broke the previous record of 23, set by Armenian record holder Roman Sahradyan.

However, the YouTuber’s record was short-lived as calisthenics specialist Stan Bruininck surpassed him with 25 pull-ups in one minute.

A video of the feat was shared by Guinness World Records on their YouTube channel.

“The boys from @Browney compete to see who can do the most pull-ups from a helicopter in a minute. Who will walk away with the world record?” read the super on the video.

According to the GWR, it took the two athletes 15 days to find a helicopter to train for the world record. Slippery PVC tubes suspended from ropes were used to simulate the movements of a helicopter.

To be better prepared for the day, they also decided to up the stakes and train on a tube with a thicker diameter than the bar they would be using on the day.

The duo documented their preparation and efforts to take their viewers through the “craziest world record ever”.

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