Dutch marshalling yard in Kijfhoek to be modernized thanks to Siemens


Siemens Mobility has announced that it will transform a marshalling yard in the Netherlands with its state-of-the-art rail technology.

ProRail BV has awarded the € 110 million contract to Siemens, which will integrate its Trackguard Cargo MSR32, a fully automated management system, in the Kijfhoek marshalling yard.

This efficient system will ensure reliable and safe sorting on the 50 hectare site, with 14 arrival tracks, 41 grading tracks and 12 stall tracks.

Kijihoek plays a major role in the smooth functioning and growth of the industry across Europe, being the largest marshalling yard in the Netherlands, located close to the main ports of Rotterdam and industrial activities in Europe.

The current schedule is expected to see all planned work completed in 2024, with the shipyard operating at 50% capacity for the duration of the upgrades.

The agreement also includes maintenance of the new systems, which will last for 15 years.

This new contract further strengthens the already excellent relationship between Siemens Mobility and ProRail BV

In the past, Siemens Mobility has provided and installed a range of different services, thus improving the functioning of ProRail BV.

Andre Rodenbeck, CEO of Rail Infrastructure at Siemens Mobility, said: “The increased automation of freight yards, systems and processes has a huge impact on the economic efficiency of freight transport, as intelligent systems enable to deliver goods faster and more reliably. , and in a much more sustainable way, “

“As a global market leader in cargo automation and maintenance services, our sophisticated Trackguard Cargo MSR32 solution and highly digitized customer services will enable Kijfhoek to safely improve the efficiency and reliability of its operations.

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