Despite the fan travel warnings, Danish fans are allowed into the Netherlands. ITV News Wales


Danish fans are allowed to enter the Netherlands to watch the final EURO 2020 match against Wales, although they were initially told they would not be allowed to enter the Netherlands due to coronavirus restrictions. I was told to be done.

Welsh football fans planning to travel to the Netherlands for the next leg of the tournament were warned on Monday that they were facing an inability to enter the country.

However, Danish officials told a press conference on Tuesday that Danish fans could make it to the Netherlands if they carefully plan their trip, eliminating the need for quarantine.

Eric Blogger, director of public services at the Danish Foreign Ministry, said fans could escape the quarantine period if they walked in and out within 12 hours.

“You can play football, but if you don’t want to risk being quarantined in a hotel room, you have to plan carefully,” Politiken, a Danish media outlet, said.

“It should be technically possible, but it should be planned quite carefully.

“For most people, it’s best to stay at home. It’s a good idea to watch the game at home.

Danish officials have said fans can travel if the PCR test is negative after up to 72 hours.

They must be quarantined for 10 days, but on the 5th day they have the option to test it and must bring a quarantine certificate indicating where they want to keep the quarantine.

The Dutch government has been contacted for comment.

In the Prime Minister’s question on Tuesday, Mark Drakeford backed the Welsh government’s initial position of advising on a trip to Euro 2020, despite changes in the rules for Danish fans. Mentionned.

“The advice of the Welsh government has not changed,” he said.

“The same advice the Football Association of Wales and the Foreign, Commonwealth Office gave to fans. This year is not the year to travel to see Wales play abroad.

He added: “In Wales, Welsh government advice has not changed due to the rise of delta variants and the emergence of vulnerabilities.

“This continues to be consistent with advice elsewhere. Our advice is to enjoy the tournament and support your Wales team without traveling. ”

Wales sealed their advance to the round of 16 despite losing to Italy in Rome on Sunday credit: PA image

Wales reached the knockout stage of the tournament on Sunday, despite losing 1-0 to Italy in Rome.

Robert Page’s side beat Switzerland on goal difference, finishing second in Group A, traveling to Amsterdam and playing against Denmark.

At a Welsh government press conference on Monday, Ernedo Morgan warned fans to travel to the Netherlands at the risk of being turned away.

She told the reporter: “Everyone was delighted to see what happened this weekend, but of course you have to handle it carefully.

“I have been ordered by the Amsterdam police not to take Welsh fans into the country.”

The Netherlands currently classifies the UK as a ‘very high risk’ country under coronavirus regulations. That is, a mandatory self-quarantine and additional testing requirements are in place.

Failure to comply will result in a fine of € 339, or just under £ 300.

The Netherlands, on the other hand, is on the UK’s orange list and is not recommended for travel.

Wales are one of the countries that have covered the most distances in Euro 2020 after playing the first two games in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, before moving to Rome.

Despite the Welsh government’s call, some fans went to see him in person.

At the same government briefing, the Minister of Health again urged fans to stay in Wales to watch the tournament.

“It’s a good idea to stay here and watch the game carefully,” she said.

“If a local government comes forward and asks us to create a fan zone, of course our government will review it and issue guidelines on how to do it safely.

“We are very excited to allow people to watch the game in a safe environment.”

Eluned Morgan said she “watched in horror” when a crowd of football fans gathered in parts of London over the weekend. credit: SOPA image / SIPAUSA / PA image

Ms Morgan said she saw a mix of football fans “in fear” in parts of England over the weekend.

“I want to avoid it if possible, and that is why I am studying proposals from local governments for safe and regulated fan zones,” she added.

“If you can watch the game away from home, that’s our preference, rather than watching it with people, and especially if they’re not in your bubble.”

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Despite the fan travel warnings, Danish fans are allowed into the Netherlands. ITV News Wales

Despite the fan travel warnings, Danish fans are allowed into the Netherlands. ITV News Wales

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