Death threats against the mayor of Rotterdam on Feyenoord banners

Rotterdam police have opened an investigation into banners containing death threats against Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb. A group of unrecognizable Rotterdam Youth Core (RJK) supporters showed the banners in Tirana, where Feyenoord played in the Conference League final. Feyenoord reacted with disgust to the banners.

The banners showed death threats against Aboutaleb and Paul van Dorst, the founder of the Roze Kameraden supporters’ group, and glorified Adolf Hitler. Aboutaleb declined to comment.

The Rotterdam PvdA wants a debate with the city council. “A serious threat to Roze Comrades, an attack on the LGBTQI+ community. First of all, this is now the business of the police, but it is incomprehensible that Feyenoord does not act. It is not too late. The municipality can do more. We are asking questions to the municipal council about this. All support goes to our mayor Aboutaelb and his relatives for these disgusting texts. Hope that the authors can be identified quickly.

“In one word, disgusting,” said a Feyenoord spokesperson. “As has often been said, we reject all forms of discrimination, exclusion, threats and intimidation, therefore also this kind of nauseating expression. It has nothing to do with Feyenoord and who we are. It you really have to ask yourself what inspires those who are cowards as always because they make themselves unrecognizable for the photo.”

“In the very short term, the club will contact both the police and the municipality to see how we can, possibly with other parties, tackle this together,” the Feyenoord spokesman said. “Although this damages the name of the club and we are very disappointed, it is clear that Feyenoord cannot solve this social problem alone. If only because we do not know who they are and this continues to perform outside the stadium.”

Kees Lau, acting president of supporters’ association FSV De Feijenoorder, is not happy with the banners. “I strongly disagree with that. These guys are destroying the club,” he said in response. He says he doesn’t know who the band members are.

The RJK was often discredited due to death threats, an attempt to burn down Van Dorst’s business premises, and threats against then-Feyenoord board member Mark Koevermans. His house was also defaced with the letters RJK. In September last year, the COC office on Schiedamsesingel in Rotterdam was also vandalized. Anti-LGBTQI+ slogans and the letters RJK were spray-painted on the facade of the building.

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