Could Lakshmi sing for the Netherlands at Eurovision 2022?

She is a Dutch singer known for her appearances on television shows including What of Mol? and The best singer-songwriter van Nederland. And now the Dutch media are speculating that Lakshmi could soon land his biggest gig to date: an appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin.

Last Friday Rick romijn, a sidekick of the popular show Véronique inside, said an insider told him that Lakshmi, 28, would follow in Jeangu Macrooy’s footsteps.

This is not a crazy suggestion. Lakshmi was on the Dutch Eurovision jury last year and is a regular at AVROTROS, the country’s Eurovision broadcaster.

Boulevard RTL reach his direction and they advance cautiously. They said, “If Lakshmi is questioned, she is open to it, but at the moment we have nothing to say. “

The show also contacted Dutch Eurovision maestro and selection committee member Cornald Maas, who said he not make statements about the song or the artist. However, he said Boulevard RTL that the selection process was “exemplary and harmonious”.

Lakshmi vs. Armin van Buuren for Eurovision 2022?

Rick also claimed that Armin Van Buuren was rejected by AVROTROS after submitting a duet with Jaap Reesema. And later on Friday Jaap confirmed to the Dutch newspaper A D that their collaboration was indeed rejected.

Jaap said: “Armin and I were in the studio together recording a few songs, but not with the idea of ​​doing it for the Eurovision Song Contest.”

“But suddenly we had a song that we thought was very appropriate, and then we got the idea to send it.”

Sadly, the song was not chosen from what Jaap describes as a pool of around 400 submissions.

Even juicier? He heard whispers about Lakshmi.

“I also heard it was Lakshmi. I think she is in the camp of Ilse DeLange who – rightly so – has a lot of influence in the choice. It could be her, I really don’t know.

Who is Lakshmi?

Lakshmi – full name Lakshmi Swami Persaud – is from Wijchen, a town of about 36,000 inhabitants. She studied music at the Herman Brood Academy in Utrecht, where Martin Garrix also learned his skills.

She released her self-titled debut album in March 2017, and followed it up with Sire one year later. The collections highlight his “black pop” style, which mixes synths and dark violins.

Writing on his official website, the folks at Lakshmi say his music is “a surprising combination of smooth listening songs and gritty electronics, complemented by rough guitars and vulnerable strings.”

What do you think of Lakshmi’s music? Do you like the atmosphere? And do you prefer it to the style of Armin van Burren? Let us know in the comments box below.

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