Catalonia to Amsterdam Charity Bike Ride That Started in Mallorca

Prepare to leave for the challenge Credit: ELA Facebook

Those wishing to WELL accompanied participants on a charity bike ride from Catalonia to Amsterdam that started in Mallorca and covers approximately 1,600 kilometers.

On August 9, Plaça Bernat de Santa Eugenia hosted the start of the Vic to Amsterdam charity challenge created by the Mallorcan association Chain Reaction, to raise awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and raise funds for the ELA association of the Balearics. .

The challenge, led by coach Alex Cirer, consists of covering 11 stages in 11 days, from Vic (60 kilometers from Barcelona) to Amsterdam.

The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness about ALS, which, although being the third most common neurodegenerative disease in Spain, is still largely unrecognized by most of society, even though it is the disease that claimed Stephen Hawking.

Chain Reaction has launched a fundraising campaign for the ELA des Baléares association at and it hopes to raise at least € 5 for every kilometer traveled.

A travel documentary directed by Joan Porcel will be filmed with the aim of raising awareness of the project and raising awareness of charity, effort and self-improvement with regular updates available through Instagram @teamchainreacion.

The challenge saw the main rider and the team set off by car to the Palma ferry which would take them to Barcelona and then to Vic with the following stages;

  • Stage 1: Vic-Perpignan
    ● Stage 2: Perpignan – Sète
    ● Stage 3: Sète – Orange
    ● Stage 4: Orange – Valence
    ● Stage 5: Valence – Lyon
    ● Stage 6: Lyon – Cuisery
    ● Stage 7: Cuisery – Dijon
    ● Stage 8: Dijon – Saint Dizier
    ● Stage 9: Saint Dizier – Charleville – Mézières
    ● Stage 10: Charleville – Mézières – Brussels
    ● Stage 11- Brussels – Amsterdam

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