Beloved boy from Sheffield, Hackenthorpe, 13-year-old Alfie Hague died suddenly of an epileptic seizure

The inquest, held today, Tuesday, December 7, learned of how Alfie Hague, 13, was found unconscious on his bedroom floor with his chin resting on a bedside table by his brother Jack around noon on the 10th. January 2021.

He had spent the previous night playing video games until the early hours of the morning.

Senior Coroner David Urpeth learned that Jack alerted his parents Michelle and Matthew to his brother’s location and that they performed CPR on Alfie until an ambulance arrived at Hackenthorpe’s house.

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Alfie Hague with his father Matthew, his brother Jack, his sister Chloe and his mother Michelle

Paramedics then continued with CPR, but Alfie was pronounced dead at the scene. He was then taken to Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

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The investigation learned from pediatric consultant Dr Catherine Rimmer that Alfie had also attended A&E at Sheffield Children’s 12 days previously, on December 29, 2020, after having a seizure.

Dr Rimmer said examinations determined Alfie to be tall and heavy for his age and that after the first attack he had high blood pressure, so they reserved him for further investigation.

Dozens of people backed a call to ‘turn Twitter into blue’ for Alfie Hague

He has not been diagnosed with epilepsy at this point, and Dr Rimmer confirmed to Mr Urpeth that it is common for children to have one-off seizures, so epilepsy is not diagnosed until after. recurrent seizures.

She added that Alfie was feeling good when he was discharged from the hospital to his home and made for another appointment for January 13, 2021.

The day before it was discovered by his brother, Alfie hadn’t said he felt bad about his family either.

However, an autopsy performed by Professor Marta Cohen revealed that it was “likely” that Alfie had another seizure on January 10 that caused her death.

Alfie Hague sadly died at his home in Hackenthorpe, Sheffield, aged 13

Professor Cohen told the inquest: “He had previously had a seizure and was under investigation and was found in a position which corresponded to another seizure.”

Professor Cohen also said she found an “abnormality” in an area of ​​Alfie’s brain that is commonly found in children who have died suddenly and have a history of epilepsy.

Mr Urpeth discovered that Alfie Hague had died of natural causes and that his cause of death was “sudden and unexpected death from epilepsy”.

He added: “Alfie’s sudden death at such a young age is a tragedy not only for him but for those he leaves behind.”

Sheffield schoolboy Alfie Hague and his mother Michelle with the bear decorated in his memory

Alfie’s mother Michelle had previously spoken to The Star, describing Alfie as “happy” and “loving.”

She said: “He had a lot of friends and no one had a problem to say about him.

“He spent a lot of time on his PC, playing regular games like Fortnite, and he wanted to be a YouTuber when he grew up.”

After Alfie’s death friends and strangers paid tribute, and there was a campaign from Sheffield Wednesday fans – Alfie’s father’s team – to “turn Twitter into blue” as a tribute to the youngster.

Michelle added: “We are devastated by her death, but the support we have received has been incredible and I want to thank everyone who came together in memory of Alfie.

“It means a lot to us and really got us through it. It made me cry, but in a good way.”

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