Belfast man misses return flight from Amsterdam after locate form fails to work


A man from Belfast recounted how he was forced to miss a return flight from Amsterdam due to problems with the online trip locator form.

The man, who does not wish to be named, said he was returning from the Netherlands on Saturday after visiting a friend and started filling out his trip tracking form on the train to Schiphol Airport.

However, in trying to do so, he discovered that the website would not accept the reference number of the test he had purchased earlier today for his return home.

He alleged that he had repeatedly tried to find a solution, but no one at the airport was able to help him and there did not appear to be a problem with his reference number as it looked like those of other travelers.

Because of this, he was unable to catch his flight back to Belfast and in order to ensure that he did not have any unwanted repercussions on his work, he was forced to pay € 270 to return home via Dublin, which turned out to be much easier.

He said: “The whole experience probably put me off going anywhere outside of the UK and Ireland for a while.

“I made sure before my flight that I had done everything correctly and that everything was in place to get home. All I had to do was fill out the locate form.

“Since I was on the train to the airport, the website just didn’t work for me. At the check-in counter I had the same issues, it just didn’t work.

“The people in the office weren’t able to do much, they had their procedures in place and it wasn’t their fault the website wasn’t working.

“The reference number I had for my test was not registering on the website, and there did not appear to be a backup to address the problem.

“I ended up missing my flight and making a terrible call to my dad asking for a loan of € 270 so that I could catch a flight back to Dublin later and not miss work.

“I’m lucky that I was able to get this help, otherwise I could still be stuck in the Netherlands.”

The UK government has been informed that some test providers did not use the correct format when issuing test confirmations for locate forms.

A government spokesperson said: “No technical issues were reported with the passenger tracking form.

“Anyone having trouble completing the passenger tracking form should contact the helpline for advice. “

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