Ayyub Guliyev joins the Rotterdam International Forum


April 29, 2021 11:00 (UTC + 04: 00)


By Laman Ismayilova

The Rotterdam Opera has invited the conductor and musical director of the Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Azerbaijan, distinguished artist Ayyub Guliyev, to participate in the International Online Forum “O. Professionals Program”. May 11 and 12.

The forum program includes the presentation of new opera compositions, discussions and debates on the theme “In / Equality on the Digital Stage”.

The performance of the Azerbaijani conductor at the Rotterdam Forum is scheduled for May 12.

Ayyub Guliyev will also represent the Azerbaijani Academic Opera and Ballet Theater at the General Assembly of the International European Opera Association on May 20-21.

The Azerbaijani Academic Opera and Ballet Theater has been a member of the association since 2017.

The agenda of the meeting includes the election of the new members of the board of directors and the secretary of the association, the discussion of the program for the International Opera Day (25 October) and the reports of the director of the association, Nicholas Payne and President Brigitte Svendsen (director of the Royal Swedish Opera) following the results of the conferences and colloquia for the 2020-2021 season.

Ayyub Guliyev is the winner of several competitions, including the International Conducting Competition after B. Lyutoslavckiy in Belostok in 2006 and the International Conducting Competition after D. Mitropoulos in Athens in 2008 and many others.

Azerbaijani Distinguished Artist has successfully collaborated with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (UK), Hamburg Klassik (Germany), Radio France, Lamoure, Elios Orchestras (France), Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Wiener Consilium (Austria), Toscanini Philharmonic (Italy), Kolors Symphony Orchestra (Greece), Sichuan and Kunmin Philharmonic Orchestras (China), Danube Orchestra (Hungary), Russian National Orchestra (RNO), Russian Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestra Zagreb Philharmonic (Croatia) (Croatia, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra (Croatia), Lithuanian National Orchestra, etc.

In 2018, Ayyub Guliyev was appointed conductor and musical director of the Azerbaijani Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. He is also an associate professor at the Baku Academy of Music.

In the summer, Ayyub Guliyev signed a contract with music agencies in Serbia, Slovakia and Germany.

Several projects have already been implemented within the framework of this cooperation. In November, the composer signed a contract with the Dutch company TACT. The company is the world leader in the personal management of artists of recognized international artists.

Ayyub Guliyev has performed successfully in Switzerland, Germany, Japan, USA, Canada, Denmark, France, Austria, Israel, England, Turkey, Moldova, Poland, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Iraq and other countries.

The musician has collaborated with many renowned orchestras, including the Vienna State Chamber Orchestra, the Wiener Consilium Musicum (Austria), the Parisian Orchestra of Lamure (France), the Danube Symphony Orchestra (Hungary), Bohdan Varhal State Chamber Orchestra (Slovakia), Ankara Capella National Orchestra (Turkey), Tehran National Folk Instrument Orchestra (Iran), etc.

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