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With Amsterdam’s many bridges and canal walls at risk of collapsing, Arcadis and geodata specialist Fugro have found a place in a major initiative to consolidate them.

The pair are one of three teams to secure six-year engineering service contracts, worth € 30m each, to replace or renovate around 850 bridges and 200km of walls. of channels.

Amsterdam is famous for its canal system, built in the 17th century. But their masonry wall structures rest on wooden piles driven into what was once a swamp, and there are alarming signs that they are nearing the end of their lives.

In a recent incident, around 20m of canal wall near the University of Amsterdam disintegrated without warning in September of last year.

The reconstruction will take at least 20 years and will cost no less than 2 billion euros, The New York Times reported.

“At the time, they were built to carry the weight of horses and cars, not 40-ton cement trucks and other heavy equipment,” Egbert de Vries, the city’s alderman told the newspaper. project manager.

Arcadis and Fugro will provide soil studies, structural inspections, design, procurement, supervision and advice on programming.

“The restoration of historic city centers is essential for their preservation, and Arcadis is proud to be part of this important project aimed at improving the quality of life for the citizens of Amsterdam,” said Arcadis Managing Director Peter Oosterveer . “Resilience is increasingly important in the face of the various environmental threats our world faces, such as extreme weather events. ”

Arcadis said the six-year contract could be extended for two years, twice.

Image: The Keizersgracht – Emperor’s Canal – in Amsterdam (Lies Thru a Lens / CC BY 2.0)

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