Amsterdam tests autonomous electric boats on the canals | Press line


AMSTERDAM (AP) – Electric cars, face your competition. The electric boats are on the way.

Amsterdam didn’t have to look far to find a way to make it easier to get around its crowded streets. The Dutch capital’s canals were used for transportation long before cars and trucks powered by polluting internal combustion engines began to clog its narrow roads.

Already steeped in maritime history, the city’s more than 60 miles of waterways will begin to accommodate prototype futuristic boats – small, fully autonomous electric vessels – to perform tasks such as transporting passengers and picking up cargo. garbage.

The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are collaborating on the Roboat project which aims to develop new ways of navigating the world’s waterways without a human hand behind the wheel.

Stephan van Dijk, director of innovation at the Amsterdam institute, said the technology is “very relevant in very complex port operations, where you have a lot of ships and a lot of ships and a lot of docks and piers. . There you can really improve security with stand-alone systems, but also make it more efficient and in a 24/7 operational approach. “

In a recent demonstration, a 13-foot-long electric boat passed a full-size replica of the 18th-century Amsterdam three-masted merchant ship, offering a glimpse into the city’s nautical past and its future.

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