Amsterdam teenager who filmed robbery of food delivery man has been acquitted

A teenager who shared the theft of a meal delivery boy on his Snapchat last summer has been acquitted of being an accessory to the incident. An Amsterdam court ruled there was no evidence the boy knew the robbery would take place before filming it, according to NOS.

In 2021, the 19-year-old filmed his friend stealing a food order that a meal delivery man was carrying after threatening the worker with a knife. Then he shared the images on Snapchat with captions such as ‘Good man stole food’.

The order for the meal came from the 19-year-old’s phone and the knife used in the robbery came from his mother’s kitchen. The prosecution said this – along with his use of slang for the word “steal” – was evidence that he knowingly cooperated in the robbery with his friend, who stole the food.

However, the Amsterdam court disagreed that this meant the boy was an accomplice to the crime. Although he should not have filmed the theft or eat the stolen food, these were not grounds for charging the young man, according to the court.

According to the NOS, meal delivery people are often victims of theft. Several municipalities have experimented with fitting body cameras to delivery people to help them feel safer, but most of these trials have since stopped.

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