Amsterdam policeman entertains children who wait long at bus stops


AMSTERDAM, NY (NEWS10) – The Greater Amsterdam School District continues to tackle bus delays they say are caused by staff shortages. A policeman takes advantage of this inconvenience to bond with city children.

Waiting for the bus in the morning has been a longer ordeal than usual for the children of Amsterdam this school year. It can be boring to stay at the bus stop.

That is, until Officer Kyle Seelow gets there.

He and the kids line up at one end of the nearly empty parking lot next to the Creative Connections Clubhouse on East Main Street, and compete to get to the other end.

“A lot of them seem to be scared when I first show up, and as soon as you ask them to run, that’s it. They are all ready to run, ”Seelow told NEWS10.

Just a bit of the sidewalk, a few willing participants, and someone to call the race are all Officer Seelow needs to give in those morning smiles.

“Seeing their faces change is the biggest part of it,” he said. “It’s probably better to let them run instead of getting in trouble, to be completely honest. “

Elisandro Auffant, an Amsterdam parent with a 4th year child, sees Constable Seelow going the extra mile to restore community confidence in the police service.

“Back then… a lot of them weren’t socializing like him,” Auffant explained, “so I feel like it’s a good achievement for him.”

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