Amsterdam invests 38 million euros in sports facilities


An aerial view of the Zeeburgereiland ice rink to the east.ANP Photo

The objective of this investment is “to create an innovative and attractive set of sports and play areas for the inhabitants of Amsterdam,” the municipality wrote. According to Council member Simon Cockenheim (Sports), sport is good for both physical and mental health and therefore good for residents of Amsterdam.

Koukenheim: There is a lot of construction and expansion in the city, by sporting standards. This means that there is no development in the region without sport being an integral part of it. Thanks to this major investment in existing and new facilities, we are helping to achieve sporting standards. ”

Particularly in the North, major investments are made in new sports facilities. There, De Weeren Sports Park will be reused with two new hockey fields. This means North will have a new hockey club. Construction of the new sports hall in Elzenhagen, a new sports hall in Meidoornweg and a new sports park with gymnasium in Hamerkwartier will also begin.

The funds will also be used to rejuvenate De Mirandabad in the south and make it more sustainable, and preparations will begin for the new Jaap Eden ice complex next to the existing ice rink in the east. Two additional hockey and soccer fields are being built in IJburg as the start of the first phase of the sports park expansion. Previously, it had been announced that a new sports complex would be built on the roof of a parking lot in Zuidoost. These plans are part of that investment.

Especially in IJburg, investments will be greeted with cheers. During the construction of the new residential area, very little space was set aside for sports and there are long waiting lists for children at the local hockey and soccer club.

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