Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Aalsmeerbaan (18L-36R) runway reopens for departing flights

© Reinout Broersma

As of today, the Aalsmeerbaan runway (18L-36R) is once again available for departing aircraft. After testing with the landing system next week, the runway is expected to reopen for landing air traffic in good visibility. It’s earlier than originally planned. Tests will be carried out on the landing systems in the coming period so that the runway can also be used safely for landing. Major maintenance has been carried out on Runway 18L-36R since early April to ensure the runway is and remains in good condition.

During the maintenance period, the asphalt on the largest section of runway 18L-36R was replaced. This is an area equal to 50 football fields. A total of 1,650 new LED lamps and 50 kilometers of wiring were installed in the asphalt. A total length of 17 kilometers of track markings were painted on the new asphalt. Some of the storm drain wells and pipes around the track were also repaired, cleaned and replaced.

The work was carried out in collaboration with Heijmans. All these different activities were combined as efficiently as possible in three months of major maintenance. By carrying out maintenance in this manner, the runway will only need to be taken out of service for an extended period once every seven years. The tracks are briefly taken out of service each year for regular maintenance.

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