Almost 6,000 new covid infections; No more new hospitalizations since May 22


The National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) recorded 5,903 new confirmed infections of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus between Thursday and Friday morning. This is another substantial increase from the previous day, when 5,203 were recorded according to the agency’s corrected data. Friday’s total is the highest in a single day since July 23.

The daily average for last week is now 4,334, based on a combination of raw and corrected data, up from 4,019 on Thursday. The seven-day average is now at its highest level since the end of July.

The virus’s basic reproduction number (R) was measured at 1.24, the RIVM said on Friday. The R-number means that 100 people contagious with the virus probably infected 124 others, who then passed it on to 154 other people. This figure is based on data as of October 7, with the RIVM needing two weeks of data to accurately report the figure. The R number has continued to increase since September 14, when it fell to 0.89.

Amsterdam is once again in the lead when it comes to new infections. Some 257 people in the capital have been diagnosed with the infection in the past 24 hours. Rotterdam follows with 185 cases and The Hague is in third place with 129 infections. Utrecht also had 102 residents tested positive and 81 were diagnosed in Nijmegen.

Hospitals in the Netherlands admitted the highest total of new Covid-19 patients in a single day since May 22. Some 139 people with coronavirus disease were admitted between Thursday and Friday afternoon, well above the seven-day average of 93. This average shows hospitalizations have increased by almost half from the week former.

Of the 139 patients, 118 were referred to a regular care unit and 21 went directly to an intensive care unit. In total, hospitals were actively treating 697 patients with Covid-19. Of that total, 523 were in regular care, a net increase of 27 from Thursday. This is the first time since mid-August that more than 500 Covid-19 patients have occupied a bed in regular care clinics.

The intensive care units were treating a total of 174 Covid-19 patients, an increase of 10 from 24 hours ago.

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