A second explosion in a week shakes Kleine-Gartmantplantsoen in Amsterdam

An explosion occurred at Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen near Leidseplein in Amsterdam early Saturday morning, just days after another explosion in the same area, according to AT5. The police are urgently looking for witnesses.

Around 4 a.m. on Saturday, local residents heard a bang near the Leidseplein. “[It] sounded exactly the same as a few days ago,” a resident told AT5. Police say people nearby felt the impact of the blast in their bodies and the window of the targeted building –– a catering business –– was smashed.

The suspect and another person approached the catering business from the Stadhouderskade by the Max Euweplein. Then the suspect left an explosive device in front of the building and ran down the Stadhouderskade after it exploded, police said.

The individual who planted the explosive was light-skinned and was wearing dark clothing at the time of the event. He does not match the description of any of the suspects who planted an explosive device at Cafe In the City on Monday, and the Saturday morning blast did not appear to target Cafe In the City. However, “one can always wonder if it is targeting a specific building,” a police spokesperson told AT5.

Despite the early morning hours, some people were still on the streets and witnessed the incident, police said. This was partly due to the unusually hot weather, according to AT5. No one was hurt. Police cordoned off the area for an investigation.

At around 4:20 a.m. Monday, an explosive was planted outside the Cafe In the City restaurant business. Police shut down nearby nightlife venues where crowds were still partying.

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