A passenger learned his lost bag was in Amsterdam when a stranger messaged him

  • An airline passenger received a message from a stranger saying he had found his bag in Amsterdam.
  • Sunil Saith hadn’t known where his bag was after he couldn’t make it on his flight to Newark.
  • He had changed from a Turkish Airlines flight to a United Airlines flight at Schiphol.

A passenger says he only found out his lost luggage was in Amsterdam when a stranger contacted him on social media and is still waiting for his bag despite being told by the airline.

Sunil Saith told Insider he took business class flights with Turkish Airlines from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, to Istanbul and then to Amsterdam on August 27. He ended his trip with a United Airlines economy class flight from Amsterdam to Newark Liberty Airport, New Jersey, which arrived on August 28.

Saith told Insider his bag did not arrive in Newark and he filed a report with United Airlines. He said when he checked in in Bishkek, Turkish Airlines tagged his bag with Newark as the final destination.

Saith wasn’t sure what had happened to his bag. But then, on August 31, he received a Facebook message from a stranger saying they had found his suitcase at Schiphol. The bag had a tag with Saith’s name and address on it.

The stranger said they found the bag after stealing from Schiphol. “It looks like it hasn’t been cataloged yet and is waiting (likely indefinitely) for someone to pick it up,” they said in one of the Facebook posts, screenshots of which were seen by Insider. .

Saith said he then contacted United Airlines “immediately” by phone and using its online chat feature. He said he also contacted Turkish Airlines via email and direct message on Twitter.

Saith had traveled to Bishkek for a wedding. He said his suitcase contained clothes, including his tuxedo and a kurta, but no electronics other than a phone charger and an electric toothbrush.

He described the situation as “very frustrating”. He said he used Schiphol’s lost and found web page “every day”, but did not find his bag on the site.

“We are committed to delivering baggage to customers’ final destinations on time, and when we miss the mark, we work hard to connect customers with their baggage as quickly as possible,” a United Airlines spokesperson told Insider. , adding that customers can track their luggage on the airline’s app. Turkish Airlines did not respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Airlines have always lost a small percentage of passengers’ luggage, but the problem worsened this summer, largely due to a combination of understaffing and technical issues. In many cases this has happened when flights were changed at the last minute or on return flights where baggage was not transferred to the second plane.

The chaos has led to mounds of lost luggage flooding airports. Some travelers have turned to devices like Apple AirTags to track their luggage, while others only pack hand luggage.

On average, airlines lost 6.2 bags per 1,000 checked bags taken on nonstop domestic flights in the first half of 2022, according to DoT data.

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