A gabled house in Ontario, a villa in the Netherlands and a museum in Los Angeles


This week, we’re sharing projects from Russia to Ontario, the Netherlands and Wyoming, with several stops in between. In addition to the projects we cover in detail, we highlight the work that architectural firms share with us every day through Project Gallery, the user-generated portion of the ARCHITECT website. To date, we have over 16,000 projects to go.

Riverbend (CLB Architects)
Matthieu millman
Riverbend (CLB Architects)

Riverbend, Jackson, Wyo.
CLB Architects

Resting on coffered concrete bases, the house is wrapped in a low-maintenance steel plate as protection against the harsh climate and to provide simple fire resistance. Large overhangs house deep niches wrapped in cedar and endowed with -glazed ceiling. “

Makani Eka
Matthieu millman
Makani Eka

Makani Eka, Kona, Hawaii
Walker Warner Architects

“The interior spaces flow perfectly towards the exterior. Sapele-framed sliders glide towards the elements, and operable windows pivot to captivate the breeze and encourage cross-ventilation. “

The distinctive aspect of the "House with four gables" made with RHEINZINK-GRANUM matte basalt finish.
Photo by Scott Norsworthy, Courtesy of RHEINZINK
The distinctive appearance of the “House of the Four Gables” achieved with the RHEINZINK-GRANUM matte basalt finish.

Four Gable House, Sainte-Claire, Ontario
Steven Fong Architect

“To give the residence its distinctive look, Fong specified Rheinzink-Granum with a dark gray basalt matte finish. The metal roof and wall tiles were laid out in a horizontally oriented staggered pattern that resembles the earlier masonry base and wood siding.

Cal Poly Pomona Student Services Building, Pomona, California
CO Architects

“The wavy roof design is inspired by the surrounding hills and mountains, making the building a campus landmark. The roof also plays a primary and essential role in passive solar design.

Bosvilla Noordwijk, Noordwijk, Netherlands
Kevin Veenhuizen Architects

“In order to have the least possible impact on the environment, a modest roof form without gutters was designed. Thanks to the zinc coating, it largely disappears into the sky and stands out sharply against the green surroundings. . “

Kerimov Architects

House in Repino, Repino, Russia
Kerimov Architects

“The house is well integrated into the landscape, practically dissolving into it. We will try to preserve as many existing trees as possible; some of them will pass through the canopies to create a unique rhythm and build a strong relationship between the architecture and nature. “

View from the north elevation along Devon Avenue.
Patsy McEnroe Photography
View from the north elevation along Devon Avenue.

Romanian Elim Pentecostal Church and Christian Center, Chicago
Architects A + C

“The structure is clad in smooth, light-colored limestone. The stone forms upward sloping exterior walls, revealing two key elements of the program: the glazed floors of the multifunctional spaces and classrooms, more oriented towards the public, feeding into a more private main sanctuary which is located behind the stone wall. and subtly rises above the diagonal shape. “

Kyle Jeffers

Museum of Science and Curiosity, Sacramento, California.
Dreyfus and Blackford

“As a representation of our place in the universe, the facade and the mass of the building are sectioned by several planes, creating continuous vector lines that extend through the building and the site.”

The sphere, a globular dome and concrete addition to the north end of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
Iwan Baan / copyright Iwan Baan Studios, courtesy of the Academy Museum Foundation
The sphere, a globular dome and concrete addition to the north end of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Academy of Cinema Museum, Los Angeles
Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Gensler

Designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Gensler, the highly anticipated Academy Museum of Motion Pictures opened to the public in September. The approximately 50,000 square foot Los Angeles project contains 13 million movie memorabilia. On the outside, its most visible and striking form is perhaps the sphere, a new globular addition made from structural glass and concrete that attaches to the renovated Saban Building on Wilshire Boulevard. When the museum opened, ARCHITECT collaborator Ian Volner toured the space, noting that “architecture fanatics can experience an unsettling moment of already seen. ”

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