6 Amsterdam-based energy startups who raised € 1m and more in 2021 and are now recruiting

The term “sustainability” has become a central part of the description of startups and organizations. Typically, a company is said to work on sustainability if it finds or discovers innovative ways to reduce the global carbon footprint and, therefore, benefit the environment.

The debate on sustainability and climate change has grown tremendously in recent years. Globally, entrepreneurs are trying to solve problems such as pollution, global warming, the scarcity of natural resources and other environmental problems.

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In the global landscape, Amsterdam is one of those cities that increasingly emphasizes social impact. We have listed six sustainable Amsterdam startups that have raised over a million euros and are currently recruiting.

Let’s seize

Let's seize
Image credit: Seissons

Founder (s): Joost Kamermans, Jorn Eiting van Liempt

Fundraising in 2021: € 7.8m

Sesons is a waste reduction platform for the circular economy. The company uses IT and logistics to bring together businesses, transportation and logistics partners, waste management service providers, circular processors, and municipalities to deliver more sustainable waste management solutions.

With the app, businesses can organize waste collection in an efficient and sustainable way at the click of a button. The company raised € 6m in October and € 1.8m in June. Want to join the company’s mission? Click here to view vacancies.

Zola electric
Image credit: Zola Electric

Zola electric

Founder (s): Erica Mackey, Joshua Pierce, Xavier Helgesen

Fundraising in 2021: € 77.6 million

Zola Electric provides customers with detailed reports on system status and performance, as well as analysis of energy consumption behavior.

It designs renewable energy solutions based on solar, battery and power electronics technologies. Over 1.5 million users and over 300,000 households and businesses use ZOLA products in several African countries: Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Namibia, DRC, South Africa, Zambia and Nigeria.

In September, the Amsterdam-based startup raised $ 90 million (around € 77.6 million) in a new fundraiser.

The company is looking for a Product Lifecycle Management and Senior Software Product Manager. You can click here to apply.

Image Credit: Greener Power Solutions

Greener energy solutions

Founder (s): Erica Mackey, NA

Fundraising in 2021: € 2.5 million

Greener Power Solutions provides temporary electrical power on and off the grid by means of mobile batteries in an independent grid or in combination with other energy sources.

The Dutch company offers a quiet and clean alternative to the diesel generator at construction sites, network operators, airports, ports, events, etc.

In April, the Dutch company raised 2.5 million euros to accelerate its growth.

The company is currently recruiting for various positions in Amsterdam. Take a look if you are interested.

Image Credit: Triple Solar

Triple Solar

Founder (s): Erica Mackey, NA

Fundraising in 2021: € 1.2 million

Triple Solar’s mission is to achieve maximum impact by reducing CO2 emissions while heating homes. The company has developed heat pump systems using PVT panels as an energy source.

The company claims it is an economical alternative to heat pumps that use an expensive underground source or noisy outdoor units. In May, the company raised € 1.2m from PDENH, DOEN Participations, Enfuro Ventures and Rabobank.

The company is recruiting for a few positions in Amsterdam. Check them out here.

Image credit: Sympower


Founder (s): Simon Bushell

Fundraising in 2021: € 5.2 million

The Amsterdam-based cleantech company is partnering with industry players to shape a net zero future.

Sympower’s software solution helps by turning a large number of electric heaters, air conditioning and hot water appliances on and off together for demand management.

Their smart controller learns user preferences and ensures household needs are optimally met.

Sympower’s software solution can manage a wide range of electrical assets and processes, such as steel smelting, paper production, electric vehicles and HVAC systems, and use them to support the electrical system.

In March, the company raised € 5.2 million in a Series B funding round from Kees Koolen and other investors. Sympower has vacancies for various positions in Amsterdam, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Poland and beyond. You can click here to check them out.

Image credit: Dexter Energy

Dexter Energy

Founder (s): Luuk Veeken

Fundraising in 2021: € 2 million

Dexter Energy helps energy companies in Europe make their portfolios more sustainable and increase profitability through AI-based forecasting and optimizations.

The Amsterdam-based company predicts energy supplies and demands, as well as market movements. Companies can thus optimize their production and consumption of renewable electricity. In March, Dexter Energy raised € 2 million in a Series A funding round led by Newion. Currently the company has four vacancies, click here to check.

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