Funds for Protest: Loan Protest

When we ask for a loan, the banks or the financial institutions to which we turn make preventive checks at the databases to assess our creditworthiness and our reliability.

In the event that there were problems related to payments of previous loans or bills or unpaid checks we should resort to loans for protested or for example to loans for reports in credit.

Let’s try to understand what a protest is and what it could cause.


What is a protest

What is a protest

The protest is a failure to pay a credit note such as a check or a bill of exchange.

This entails the registration in the computerized register of protests at the territorial Chamber of Commerce. If you are interested in having more information, read the article on the cancellation of protests.

In these cases, you may have problems getting a new loan because you have complained.

The alternatives are to pay the outstanding security immediately and wait for the cancellation deadline or consider looking for a loan that can be disbursed even for protested.


Funding for protested

credit failure

Registration in the protest register means that whenever a request is made for a personal loan or a line of credit with a credit institution, it will be rejected as it is considered unreliable.

But then is it really impossible to get a loan for those who are protested?

To date the only product for which previous negativities are not evaluated as a protest is the sale of the fifth. Well I understand what you are thinking … beautiful discovery … but it ‘s so … many turn around but it is good to be clear right away.

Because those who are looking for funding for protested it is good that they do not waste time and focus immediately on the few solutions available.

There are other products that you can evaluate to get a loan even for protested people as well as personal loans such as private lending and the loan.


Loan for protesters: the assignment of the fifth

Loan for protesters: the assignment of the fifth

Oh yes … today it would seem the only product that can be accessed in the event of a protest as strong guarantees are provided with a very low risk of insolvency as the installment is paid directly by the employer or by the social security institution (for pensioners).

Furthermore, the workers are also provided with a guarantee of severance pay as well as mandatory insurance cover for life risk and employment risk.

And for self-employed workers, employees of very small companies or for those who have a fifth assignment and cannot renew it?

It seems that in this case there is nothing to do but start thinking of “financially rehabilitating” by starting to embark on a credit rehabilitation process.

This means that in order to return to obtaining funds for protested there is a need to request the cancellation of the protest in the computer register so that the financial institutions will no longer see this negativity and in case there is no further criticality they will be able to repay us a loan .


Loan to protesters: Payment delegation

Loan to protesters: Payment delegation

Another loan to protest is the payment delegation that can be requested by private or state employees.

The payment delegation would be the second salary loan that can be accessed by employees who are already in the process of transferring a fifth, subject to acceptance by the employer.